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Deeannah Seymour

Deeannah created one of the best-selling products in the feminine hygiene category “a product that has revolutionized women’s health. In 2020, her products will be sold in over 24,000 stores nationwide.Deeannah developed pH-D® Feminine Health in 2014 after being unsatisfied with the lack of natural feminine hygiene and wellness solutions for common vaginal issues. Having spent two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, she wanted a natural solution that was backed by research and that wouldn’t give rise to unwanted side-effects. She examined hundreds of clinical studies on the use of boric acid to help with feminine issues and vaginal balance. She then did field trials with great success and realized that since this ingredient was not commercially available, a new and effective option for women was needed. Hence, pH-D Feminine Health was born, and the brand became the best-selling product in its category! Through her innovation, Deeannah made this solution available to millions of women like herself who had suffered for years with no relief. She chose to partner with a holistic healthcare company, Vireo Systems, to produce the boric acid suppositories in their own FDA registered facility.pH-D has also revolutionized the feminine hygiene category and has successfully helped millions of women while becoming one of the top-selling feminine hygiene brands. She has since developed a line of feminine care products that are sold at over 20,000 retailers nationwide.