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Kittie Watson

Kittie W. Watson, Ph.D., is President and founder of Innolect Inc., a global leadership and organization development firm that prepares executives and their teams to succeed in high-performance, high-integrity workplaces. As a transformational leadership and communication expert, Kittie has a deep appreciation for the challenges faced in high-stakes settings and mission-critical business needs. Focused on creating more inclusive and equitable cultures, she has a passion for “growing leaders” and developing unique venues to stimulate dialogue for sustainable change. Kittie offers practical solutions to accelerate positive business results as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500, government and nonprofit organizations for over 25 years. 

As an internationally known communication and listening expert, Kittie served as the youngest Department Chair at Tulane University and is listed as top twenty-five most prolific women writers in communication. She is the author of 16 books and dozens of articles in Harvard Business Review, People+Strategy, Chief Learning Officer, SHRM and MBE to name a few. Her award-winning designs and listening expertise are highlighted in the Conference Board’s Gold Book, Training & Development and ABC’s 20/20. An advocate for social justice, she “Pays it Forward” by serving on nonprofit boards and by co-founding The Institute for Intrapersonal Processes (ISIP), a 501c3 nonprofit that promotes research and development for under-represented and underprivileged individuals. A percentage of Innolect profits are donated to support nonprofits worldwide.