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Lisa Genovese

As President of BottomLine, I support Challenger Brands to evolve their business, creating more impact on the world around them. For me, advancing a business requires more than a surface-level strategy. This is why my team and I hyper-focus on our unique Impact Assessment process to uncover key insights, and help clients see what others may not. BottomLine’s global team helps clients implement kick-ass strategies centered on strong market research insights that consistently improve conversion rates, increase sales, and profit margins. 

Fueled by research and competitive analysis, BottomLine strengthens our client’s mission and creates actionable strategic plans to maximize their message, provide the tools, materials and content to get going that much faster. We help our clients to optimize their marketing spend to ensure their budget isn’t going into the woodchipper by shining a light on what they’re missing in their current strategy. By leveraging data and an analytical approach, we build our strategies to have a huge impact on their bottom line. 

When I’m not working with Challenger Brands through BottomLine, I sit on several not-for-profit and for-profit boards; I am an active member of the Women Presidents’ Organization, as well as the Alberta IoT Association. I support Alberta’s growing technology ecosystem through my work with Alberta IoT as chair of their annual charity golf tournament, a volunteer for their Centre of Excellence and Startup Visa Program, and facilitator in their business accelerator program. Similarly, I am an ambassador for the International Deal Gateway which facilitates direct transactions on a blockchain platform. Previously, I was a mentor in the ATBx startup program. 

In an endeavour for continuous learning and improvement, I recently graduated from Harvard School of Business Strategic Planning and Customer Focus certification programs.