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Shirita Turner

Shirita Turner is Founder of Inclusive Work Solutions, a modern and inclusive staffing organization. 

Influenced by her early professional experiences, after graduating from college, Shirita understands fully the importance of having access to jobs that will support long term economic independence, economic self-sufficiency, and equitable access to inclusion in the workforce which inspired her to create Inclusive Work Solutions.

Prior to becoming CEO of Inclusive Work Solutions Shirita has worked in a variety of professional arenas and has over 20 years of combined professional experience in both the government and private sectors.  

Shirita is passionate about helping others to succeed by creating an inclusive, kind, professional and happy workplace. Shirita believes that inclusion has power and that a happy workplace is one that has  been created to be equitable & inclusive.

Shirita earned her BA Degree in Communications from Howard University. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration with a Specialty in Public Management from the University of the District of Columbia both located in Washington, DC.

In her spare time Shirita enjoys reading, attending wine tastings and painting.