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Stacy Berns

Stacy Berns, as the Founder and President of Berns Communications Group (BCG), connects the worlds of retail and technology globally, bringing to market new retail fashion trends and technologies that are shaping the way consumers shop today. Founded in 2002, BCG is uniquely positioned to connect these sectors by leveraging its relationships with CEOs, media and its Retail Influencer Network, a select group of retail and fashion insiders that includes some of the most powerful voices in the industry. Stacy is also one of the Co-Founders of DealmakeHers, an exclusive network of leading female dealmakers in the retail and consumer spaces. Stacy is passionate about and committed to mentoring and empowering executive women by creating events and platforms that support networking and education. She also serves as a board member of Delivering Good, a nonprofit dedicated to providing new merchandise to people around the world impacted by poverty and tragedy.