O Malley Krista AC Pic

My PowerPak

Krista has swum with Humpback whales, run marathons, and is known for her enthusiasm, straight talk, passion for excellence, and obsessive attention to detail. This is fitting for the CEO and Principal of cmnd+m, a Minnesota-based brand experience design firm,

In 2011, Krista founded cmnd+m. Under Krista’s leadership, the business experienced phenomenal growth, going from an unknown start-up to an internationally-operating company in less than 3 years.

In 2020, after she and a group of friends rallied to support a dear friend diagnosed with breast cancer, Krista was inspired to launch My PowerPak, a public benefit corporation. This community-based digital platform empowers ordinary people to give and receive extraordinary support. My PowerPak not only fills her cup, but has brought a better way to give and receive care into the world.

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