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Whether your goal is to promote women into the C-Suite, a woman as your company’s next CEO, to diversify your board of directors, or to help women into their first leadership job – your goals cannot be achieved if you don’t accelerate female talent, especially women of color, from the start of their career and through the leadership pipeline.

Clearly, an equitable pipeline of leaders is directly linked to core organizational actions to recruit, advance, sponsor and retain women (especially women of color) and the creation of critical experiences (e.g., equal opportunities to P&L roles) that will help women advance to senior positions.

At the WBC we are committed to creating equal opportunity and momentum to move women through the pipeline in order to achieve gender parity. This is where Resources for Parity is a valuable resource for you. This WBC curated guide helps you cut through the muck and have trusted partners by your side to help you reach your diversity goals. It will provide you with direct access to advice and consulting from practitioners proven to achieve significant results for companies focusing on building a pipeline of women leaders with an emphasis on women of color.

So, whether you are a diversity, equity and inclusion advocate (e.g., CHROs, Diversity professionals, Talent Management professionals, L&D professionals) or a professional woman who wants to be in the driver’s seat for your career, we offer you six categories of services