Priscilla Sims Brown serves as President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank, a full-service bank, lender and investment manager with a century-long commitment to advancing positive social change. Amalgamated Financial Corp., the holding company for the Bank, is the first publicly traded (NASDAQ: AMAL) financial institution to be a public benefit corporation. Brown guides Amalgamated Bank in championing social responsibility through values-based banking, customer-centric services, and mission focused lending, serving individuals and organizations, including climate groups, foundations, labor unions, advocacy groups, political campaigns, and other socially responsible businesses, who care that their deposits are put to work for good. Brown is also dedicated to addressing environmental and social justice issues at Amalgamated Bank. More than 60% of the Bank’s lending and select balance sheet investments are high-impact through affordable housing, nonprofits, and climate solutions. Named one of the Most Powerful Women in Banking in 2023 by American Banker, Brown has been featured in The New York Times, TIME Magazine, PBS, and CNBC Changemakers, among others. Brown’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility makes it possible for Amalgamated Bank to do well by doing good and continues to shape the future of the financial industry.


Amalgamated Bank is America’s socially responsible bank, empowering organizations and individuals to advance positive change. Our vision is banking that furthers economic, social, racial, and environmental justice.