We Will Not Rest Until There Is Equal Position, Pay, And Power For All Business Women

The Women Business Collaborative (WBC) is an unprecedented alliance of 60+ women’s business organizations and hundreds of business leaders building a movement to achieve Equal Position, Pay, and Power for All Women in Business. Through collaboration, advocacy, action, and accountability, we mobilize thousands of diverse professional women and men, business organizations, public and private companies to accelerate change.

To propel women forward, WBC has united more than 60+ leading women’s organizations, activating our vast network to attain immediate and long-term results around nine essential action initiatives – more women CEOs, in the C-Suite and on Boards; a demand for gender and pay parity; increasing capital for women entrepreneurs; driving more women as controllers of capital allocation; parity for women in underrepresented business sectors such as technology; and leveraging learning and development to drive pipeline promotions. Interwoven across every initiative is our call for inclusivity, diversity and equality for all women, including women of color and the LGBQTIA+ communities.

Our movement and network, spearheaded by our Partners, Advisory and Leadership Councils, reaches over 1 million business organizations and leaders across the United States and globally. WBC is committed to diversity – our Councils and Board of Directors include more than 30 percent people of color. The power of combining the collaborative approach with our movement is already creating momentum and accelerating the pace of change for businesswomen.

Join us, we are #WBCFasterTogether

WBC MISSION: To accelerate the advancement of all women business leaders together with the realization of gender, diversity and pay parity in the workplace.

WBC VISION: Equal Position, Pay, and Power for all Businesswomen

WBC FRAMEWORK AND NINE ACTION INITIATIVES: Nine permanent working groups have been created and are represented by WBC founding partners, Board members and Advisory and Leaders councils. They work collaboratively to develop and drive accelerator goals and strategies. Action Initiative chairs drive execution, track progress and report results against the 9 areas:

1. CEO Leadership and Sponsorship of Women CEOs
2. Women in the C-Suite and Executive Leadership with P&L Responsibility
3. Women in the Boardroom
4. Women Entrepreneurs and Access to Capital
5. Women in Capital
6. Gender and Pay Parity
7. Diversity and Inclusion
8. Women in Technology
9. Women in the Pipeline