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The first ever Women’s Capital Summit. Join us for this in-person event, scheduled for September 12 – 13, 2023.

A pioneering event designed to empower women entrepreneurs. The WBC Women’s Capital Summit aims to provide valuable insights into the world of capital, offering a deep understanding of its dynamics, strategic relevance at different stages of a company’s growth, and the effective utilization of capital resources. The summit will bring together women entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their businesses with investors.

This event is a critical part of the Women Entrepreneurs and Access to Capital action initiative aimed at increasing women entrepreneurs’ understanding and their ability to access capital throughout the different stages as their business evolves. Women’s Capital Summit is designed to offer the framework to help women business owners understand the dynamics when growing their businesses. We will work to educate attendees about the options available and how to build expertise around capital decisions. Women need to know how to source capital, with the right timing, for the appropriate purpose.

Registration has closed for this event.