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Purpose in Action: Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Landscape

Pushing For Impact You Can Measure

Embedding purpose within your organization requires an unwavering commitment. Companies of Purpose thrives on the momentum of leaders united in forging accountability. We aim to scale innovation, exchange leading (proven) strategies, and demonstrate how companies can individually and jointly cultivate diverse leadership, and promote equity from talent to brand to community, thereby driving impactful and purposeful outcomes.

With a spotlight on the “S” in ESG and DEI, WBC’s Companies of Purpose is leading the charge to define corporate purpose in today’s business environment. Our ambition is vast: to foster innovation, to share game-changing best practices, and to provide engaging events and forums to reshape the business world collaboratively.

Who should engage?

Executive Leaders who drive not only talent but also corporate and community impact  – if you’re an innovator at heart and drive change both within your organization and the community, we’re calling on you.

Current Companies of Purpose:

Companies of Purpose Exclusive Offerings

Collaborative Events & Engagement:

• Interactive Webinars: Delving deep into the best practices that mold diverse leadership, equipping you with actionable insights.

• Forums: An exclusive gathering of thought leaders, a space where passion meets innovation for equity and inclusion.

• Events Calendar: From our Action for Impact Summit to forums reshaping diversity thinking, our calendar is full of opportunities to learn, share, and influence.

Knowledge Resources:

• In-depth DEI Analysis: Our unique DEI Snapshot, analyzes hundreds of companies, bringing transparency and clarity to the forefront.

• Insightful Case Studies: Narratives of change, showcasing how organizations reimagined and achieved their DEI and ESG aspirations.

• Empowerment Toolkit: A tailored toolkit aimed at providing organizations with a deeper understanding of best practices related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Benefits of Being A COP

  • Recognition as a primary sponsor of the WBC
  • Connections to like-minded companies/organizations
  • Ability to elevate industry-wide corporate impact  
  • Two convenings annually
  • And more…

Merge your organization’s purpose with ours. Let’s redefine business norms, let’s sculpt a more inclusive, diverse, and purposeful future, together.

Become a Company of Purpose Today: 

Transform your organization’s journey with purpose-driven impact. Sign up now and redefine what success looks like for your business, your community, and the world.

Get Involved Your Way: 

Not ready to fully commit as a Company of Purpose? You can still make a significant impact. Donate or participate in other meaningful ways to support and foster a more inclusive business landscape.