Broken Rung Webinar (1)

Join Women Business Collaborative and Seramount to hear from companies that are actively retaining, growing, and developing women early in the pipeline through education, sponsorship, allyship, scalability, and proven programs. During this program, speakers will address the importance of sponsorship, the key differences between a mentor and a sponsor, and the importance of formal executive sponsorship programs for women as they advance in their careers.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Busting the meritocracy myth – making the case for sponsorship (it takes more than hard work to advance)
  • Why formal executive sponsorship programs are necessary – discussion of the mini-me syndrome
  • The differences between the various aspects of relationship capital, particularly understanding sponsorship vs. mentorship
  • The reciprocal benefits of executive sponsorship – Examining both the protégé effect and the sponsor effect
  • The key to successful sponsorship across lines of difference

Meet the Speakers

Katie Mooney, Managing Director, Seramount
Smita Pillai, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Regeneron
Broken Rung Speakers 11 29
Julia Senchak, VP, Head of Pension Risk Transfer, Prudential

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