Linkage x WBC Event 2

The WBC and Linkage hosted a panel on the trends impacting women in today’s workforce. The panel featureed Jennifer McCollum, the CEO of Linkage, Edie Fraser, CEO of WBC, Ivy Kusinga, Chief Culture and Talent Officer at Chubb, and Becki Compson, Senior Director of Talent Development, at Constellation Brands.

The Great Resignation has forced us to face critical talent challenges head-on, especially when we consider the differential impact on women leaders. Join us as we welcome our partner Linkage, a global leadership development firm focused on advancing women in leadership and creative inclusive leaders and organizations as they share key insights critical to helping us achieve gender parity and retain our women leaders. Together, we’ll explore the trends impacting women in today’s workforce from Linkage’s data from thousands of leaders, including the unique path that they face as they ascend the leadership ranks.

Attendees learned:

  • Articulate the state of women in the workforce today including trends from Linkage data.
  • Understand a practical 4-part framework for how to help women advance faster.
  • Ideas for how to measure and improve opportunities for women leaders at your organization.
  • How two different organizations are making an impact on advancing their women.

Watch the Recording Here!