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WBC Brochure: Equal Position, Pay & Power for all Business Women

2020 updated WBC highlights our action initiatives, partners and insights ...
1600258671479 WBC International Womens Day Celebration

Resource: WBC International Women’s Day Celebration

Women Business Collaborative celebrated International Women’s Day with a Forum in New York, bringing together over 90 leaders representing CEOs from Partner Organizations, Corporations and WBC’s Advisory and Leaders Councils.   ...
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Latino Representation on Fortune 1000 Boards

Despite growing shareholder interest in corporate diversity, there remains a substantial shortage of Latinx representation on F1000 boards. LCDA’s research showcases significant gaps in states with sizable Latino populations (Texas, Florida, and California) and across industries such as technology, materials, ...
1600261985945 closingTheGenderGaps

Closing the Gender Gaps: Advancing Women in Corporate America

In Closing the Gender Gaps: Advancing Women in Corporate America, the authors focus on some of the factors affecting women as they progress through their careers, offering strategies companies can use to level the playing field ...
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2020 Women On Boards Gender Diversity Index

2020 Women on Boards (2020WOB), released its annual 2019 Gender Diversity Index (GDI) showing that while women corporate directors hold a record 20.4% board seats nationally for the first time, 311 companies in the Russell 3000 Index still have no women on their ...
1600259766619 withinReach AchievingGenderEquity

Within reach? Achieving gender equity in financial services leadership.

This Deloitte Insight report offers a roadmap for cultivating more female executives to lead the industry forward.  ...
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Boss Files with Poppy Harlow: Conversations about business, leadership and innovation

CNN’s Poppy Harlow explores the journeys of business and global leaders. In-depth interviews with leadership advice from entrepreneurs, CEOs and innovators about what it takes to rise to the top ...
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Fortune 500 Daily

Get brilliant bites of knowledge each morning from its editors about the Fortune 500 ...