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The biggest investment you can make in your life is choosing to live your purpose, growing in creativity, and fulfilling the
desire of your soul, resulting in abundance in all areas of your life. When you rediscover your passion and the talents that fill you up, it will lead you to work that excites you – This is Your Genius.

What is your purpose? Think about whether you are growing into the person and leader you want to become. I believe you
are perfectly created to live like no one else right now!

If you are not intentional about choosing how you are stepping into your genius, you are not thriving; you are merely
surviving. In our daily racket – we Run! Hurry! Do! Achieve! Win! We ignore our heart, our soul’s desire, and our reason for being. From seeing yourself in unconscious, autopilot beliefs, and then beginning to question your re-active thoughts – is the path to freedom, joy, peace, fulfillment, and abundance.

How are you stopping yourself from being the game-changer in your life and leadership?

Are you committed to living on your terms, to create the leadership and legacy you most desire?

LEADERSHIP is NOT about managing, convincing, or changing outcomes or people.

Leadership IS about getting to your Genius – and sharing it with the world.

Leadership IS knowing how you sabotage yourself and knowing how to get out of your limiting patterns that leave you with
unwanted results. In Your Genius you become the creator of your life.

Leadership IS seeing the Genius in others and challenging them to join you in accomplishing greatness together. Doing so
creates limitless possibilities and results that go beyond what you could ever imagine.

Notice your thinking that leads to your emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that are holding you back. To step OUT of the
excellence that is killing your heart and soul – and INTO your Genius – is a constant practice and the only way to
consistently get the results you most want.

MY Genius is seeing YOUR Genius, coaching you to see yours, by providing you with the tools you need to illuminate your
GENIUS within you, each day.

Join me to make the leap today.

Debra Sunderland, MBA Mindful NYU
CEO/Founder & Sunderland Coaching, LLC
Certified Conscious Leadership Coach & Enneagram Practitioner & Public Speaker

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