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For decades organizations pursuing to create gender parity have seen very slow, if any, progress.   In 2019, the Women’s Business Collaborative was formed, creating an alliance of business women’s organizations working together to achieve equal position, pay and power for all women in business.   

WBC’s Nine Action Initiatives focus on key areas that contribute to achieving gender parity.  We lead the “Women in the Pipeline” Initiative.   We recognized that while there is a desire to achieve gender parity, it can be challenging for leaders to know where to start.  Whether your goal is to promote women into the C-Suite, a woman as your company’s next CEO, to diversify your board of directors, or to help women into their first leadership job – your goals cannot be achieved if you don’t accelerate female talent, especially women of color, from the start of their career and through the leadership pipeline.  

DDI’s Diversity and Inclusion Report 2020 showed women fall off the management ladder long before reaching the top. One important

 reason that women have failed to advance in management is that they have not had equal access to developmental experiences that would prepare them for higher levels. Men were 19% more likely to have been formally assessed as a part of their transition, 22% more likely to be formally mentored, and 13% more likely to receive leadership skills training for men.  This lack of support may enable what’s called the “glass cliff,” when women leaders are promoted but not set up for success in their new roles.  

At the WBC we are committed to creating equal opportunity and momentum to move women through the pipeline in order to achieve gender parity.  This is where Resources for Parity is a valuable resource for you.  This WBC curated guide helps you cut through the muck and have trusted partners by your side to help you reach your diversity goals.  It will provide you with direct access to advice and consulting from practitioners proven to achieve significant results for companies focusing on building a pipeline of women leaders with an emphasis on women of color. 

So, whether you are a diversity, equity and inclusion advocate (e.g., CHROs, Diversity professionals, Talent Management professionals, L&D professionals) or a professional woman who wants to be in the driver’s seat for your career, we offer you six categories of services: 

Resources for Parity is organized to provide easy access to:  

Broad Consulting in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Succession Planning, Leadership Development Services

Inclusion & Consulting Services


Sponsorship/Allyship Consulting

The work to build workplaces where women have equal position, pay and power, may be challenging.   Resources for Parity was created to provide organizations and individuals with tools and resources “at your fingertips.” 

Let us know how you are using the Resources for Parity by tagging @WBCollaborative on social media and using the #ResourcesForParity hashtag.  Stay tuned for future events from WBC that will provide more information and discussion about the Resources For Parity guide.


  • Rosina Racioppi, Ed.D.

    As President and CEO of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., Dr. Rosina Racioppi leads initiatives to help Fortune 1000 companies cultivate the culture and talent needed to achieve greater growth and profitability. Under her direction, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. successfully partners with organizations across a wide range of industries to develop their high-potential women and build a pipeline of diverse talent. Rosina’s past experience helps her lead the WUI team in creating impactful offerings to global organizations. Prior to joining WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., she held executive management positions in human resources at Degussa Corporation, Nextran (a division of Baxter Corporation) and Beechwood Data Systems. She has over 25 years of experience in Organization Planning and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Safety, Quality Management, Staffing and Employee Relations. Rosina earned her doctorate and master’s degrees in education from the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation, “Women’s Mentoring Wisdom” focused on how women effectively use mentoring at the all-important mid-career level. Additionally, Dr. Racioppi serves on the Advisory Council for the University of Pennsylvania CLO Alumni Network, the Advisory Board of the New Historia, and the Advisory Council of The Women’s Business Collaborative where she also chairs their Women in the Pipeline Committee.

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  • Tacy M Byham, Ph.D.

    Dr. Tacy Byham helps women to unleash their potential and overcome barriers that hold them back in their professions. Her work as the CEO of global leadership company Development Dimensions International (DDI) influences how companies in 90+ countries take an objective approach to selection/promotion decisions and to develop their leaders with an inclusive mindset. Notably, Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory, the world’s leading source of consulting market analysis, lists DDI as the #1 leadership development provider on The Kennedy Vanguard™ Matrix for the breadth and depth of its solutions. An internationally recognized presenter on leadership, Dr. Tacy co-wrote the book, Your First Leadership Job in 2015 and will publish Amplify: Power Moves for Women and Their Allies to Ignite Change , with Fortune Magazine Senior Editor Ellen McGirt in 2020. Dr. Tacy also launched the #LeadLikeAGirl movement that provides women with practical strategies and real-world wisdom to ignite their careers.At DDI, Dr. Tacy established the Women in Leadership Practice and fosters a family-friendly corporate culture and policies. Dr. Tacy is an inaugural member of the Conference Board’s Council on Advancing Women which is leading a systemic approach to gender parity and creating a ripple of growth and change in the 40-member organizations.

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