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To gain a holistic view of the progress made by women over the past year, Women Leading Boards, a special report from Women Business Collaborative (WBC) and 50/50 Women on Boards™ (WOB), assesses data from a variety of sources, including global benchmarks, the Russell 3000 Index (according to data provided by Equilar), the Fortune and S&P 500s, as well as privately held companies.

Women Leading Boards provides an update on progress made over the past year; explains the impact of the shift; shines a spotlight on areas in which greater focus is required; and offers best practices to ensure the voices of women who currently sit on boards are being heard.

The report includes the following sections and contributions:

  • A Look at Progress Made in 2021
  • How Can Corporate America Advance Gender Parity?
    Heather Spilsbury, COO, 50/50 Women on Boards™
  • How CEOs Can Leverage Independent Directors to Bring More Women on Boards
  • Expanding Skill Set Diversity in the Boardroom
    Diligent Institute
  • How Women Technology Leaders Can Transform the Boardroom and the Future of Business
    Bob Zukis, CEO, Digital Directors Network
    Barbie Bigelow, CEO, Emerald Growth Partners, LLC
  • Latinas are the Least Represented Group on U.S. Public Company Boards
    Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA)
  • ‘Private’ No More: Gender Diversity Trends in Non-Public Companies
    Meghan Juday, The Lodis Forum
  • Maximizing the Benefits of Board Diversity
  • A Call to Action

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