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Fundamentals Of Capital - A Masterclass

Women cannot succeed at accessing capital until they understand the rules of the game. Babson College’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership has developed this set of webinars in conjunction with WBC and Wells Fargo, to provide an educational resource that will expose women in both an academic and practical setting to capital structure, uses and types of capital, capital prioritization, and pitching for capital. If you are a woman entrepreneur or businesswoman who is growing and is ready to sustain their growth, expand their scope and scale their businesses, has employees/ team, and has a Sweet Spot for revenue is between $5M – $20M annually, this program is perfect for you!

Module Layout
Module I – Understanding Capital Structure and Needs This webinar covers capital needs and prioritization, burn rate, runway, and business models, business type and stage analysis. The entrepreneurs will also take part in a self-assessment of their goals versus tradeoffs, to help determine optimal sources of capital.
Module II – Institutional Capital & Ownership This webinar will cover the subjects of; capital providers as partners, determining non-monetary needs, valuing your company, deciding how much capital to raise, selecting deal structure and terms, crafting a fundraising strategy.
Module III – Accessing Capital Hear from five experts on success factors regarding debt, angel funding, private equity, and venture capital through a series of interviews. Unlisted Interview Recording: Interview with Dana Johns (PE) – Interview with Kim Moore (VC) – Interview with Samantha Jones (Lending) – Interview with Kim Folsom (Rev Based) – Interview with Deb Kemper (Angel) –
Stay tuned for more information on the live workshops!

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