Rethink 2024

Margo Georgiadis

Margo Georgiadis is a CEO-Partner at Flagship Pioneering and Co-Founder and CEO of Montai, an AI platform company enabling the predictable discovery of breakthrough small molecule medicines to treat and preempt chronic disease. Margo has dedicated her career to transforming products and services with data and technology to empower consumers to live better lives, and to deliver outsized growth and returns for investors. Prior to founding Montai, she held multiple senior roles including President and CEO of Ancestry, and President of Americas and Vice President of Global Operations at Google. She also is an experienced investor and worked at both General Catalyst and Synetro Group building next generation technology and healthcare platforms. Margo serves on the Boards of several market leaders and innovators including McDonald’s, Applovin, Handshake, Ro, Harbinger Health, and Neeva.

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