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Michele Ashby

Michele Ashby
CEO/Founder, ACE LLC

Michele Ashby is an engaged independent director with over 60 years of collective board experience in Corporate, Non-Profit and Trade Association boards. She’s served as an Independent Director of five public-mining company boards and one private clean-tech company board.
Professional career experience includes over 25 years in finance, mining, and energy, working with hundreds of CEO’s of public and privately held companies and large institutional investors to improve values and capitalize major projects. Subject Matter Expert in Finance, Mining, Green Energy, ESG, Diverstiy and Inclusion.
Michele is currently the CEO & Founder of ACE LLC, a company that educates and trains women to attain corporate board positions through the ACE Board Certification Programs. She was awarded Women in Mining Top 100 globally in 2022 for her work training 1,000 women to get on corporate boards.
Author of 3 books and a former ultra-athlete. Michele is the first woman in North America to row 24 hours on a Concept 2 rowing machine – a total of 211,036 meters.

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