Company: Marriott International

How many women are on the Board as a % of the total? 38.50%

Using report or EEO-1 data, what % of the total workforce is women? 53.7% (50319/93748)

What is the % of women on the leadership team/executive committee–depending on language company uses? 32%

What is the % of women managers — as defined by the company? 39.2% (44/112)

Does it provide access to leadership development programs for women (ERG, mentoring, sponsorship)? Yes

Has the company conducted a pay gap analysis? Yes

Are executive pay or bonuses tied to diversity goals? Yes

Does the company track and report how much it spends with diverse suppliers? Yes

Does the company have any social impact initiatives to benefit toward women/girls/WOC initiatives outside the company? YES

Does the company report how much it spends on any women/girl/WOC initiatives in dollars (or percentage of total philanthropy/revenue)? Yes

If there are women-centered initiatives, is the philanthropy national and ongoing? Yes, “$6M+ invested in programs and partnerships that develop hospitality skills and opportunity among youth, diverse populations, women, people with disabilities, veterans and refugees since 2016, as of 2019” “Continued support of Asian University for Women (AUW) in Bangladesh through mentoring, internships, and scholarships, placing several AUW students in short-term internships in Marriott’s Asia Pacific office in Hong Kong each year”

Does the company have any hiring process to remove biases? No

Does the company use various networks or sources for talent in underrepresented communities? Yes

Does the company publish the results of its employee engagement survey? No


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