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2024 Women’s Capital Summit

September 4 – 5, 2024
Convene Madison 360 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10017

The WBC Women’s Capital Summit aims to provide valuable insights into the world of capital, offering a deep understanding of its dynamics, strategic relevance at different stages of a company’s growth, and the effective utilization of capital resources.

The summit is designed to offer the framework to help women business owners understand the dynamics of capital when growing their businesses with a focus on building relationships between entrepreneurs and investors.

Investors and entrepreneurs, this is your opportunity to convene!

Application for Entrepreneurs

We are accepting applications from entrepreneurs seeking capital. The application deadline has been extended to July 27 – Apply Now!

Registration for Investors

We are accepting investors looking to connect with entrepreneurs seeking capital.


2:00pm: Arrival and Registration

2:30pm: Opening Remarks

2:45pm: 1:1 Matching and Breakout Sessions

4:15pm: Opening Fireside Chat

5:00pm: Opening reception and Women’s Business Marketplace

7:00pm: End of Day 1

8:30am: Arrival, Breakfast and Networking

9:00am: Welcome

9:10am: Fireside Chat

9:50am: Break

10:00am: Navigating the Landscape of Capital

The options for accessing capital make up a robust ecosystem that can often be challenging to navigate. This process requires a clear understanding of the types of capital that are right for your business as well as an awareness of the goals of investors and lenders.  In addition, clarity of business strategy, exit planning, industry dynamics and business goals are critical to choosing the right capital provider. 

In this session our panel of experts will discuss the landscape of capital and how entrepreneurs can scale their businesses with the investment options that are best aligned with their company’s strategy and growth plan.

11:00am: Break

11:10am: Setting the Table: Understanding Early-Stage Capital

As business owners work to scale their companies, creating the right capital structure from the beginning is important to long term growth. This allows entrepreneurs to be ready to access and receive capital and create the traction necessary to accelerate their growth. 

In this session, speakers will set the stage for exploring early-stage capital and how to prepare your organization for investment in the earliest stages of growth.

11:30am: Setting the Table: Understanding Early-Stage Capital (Part 2)

11:50am: Setting the Table: Understanding Early-Stage Capital (Q&A)

12:00pm: Networking and Lunch

1:00pm: The Building Blocks of Capital: Growing with Purpose

Scaling a business is a process and not a lump sum event. This work requires a strong commitment to the company’s values, strategy, and objectives as well as purposeful commitment from both business owners and investors of capital. Entrepreneurs must be constantly evaluating whether their desired growth is in alignment with the goals they’ve set for their organization and the value they are creating for their customers.

Join our panel of experts to discuss how to grow your business intentionally as well as how entrepreneurs and investors can build mutually beneficial relationships to achieve both business owner and investor goals.

1:40pm: Break

1:50pm: Mergers & Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy

Unlocking the potential for transformational growth, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a powerful strategy for scaling women-owned businesses. This dynamic panel will delve into the intricacies of M&A, offering insights into how this strategy can serve as a catalyst for expansion, market penetration, and increased competitiveness.


Join us for this insightful session to discover how mergers and acquisitions can serve as a strategic tool for growth and transformation. Whether you are looking to acquire, merge, or attract investment, this panel will provide the knowledge and inspiration needed to navigate the complex M&A landscape confidently.

2:30pm Engineering Your Exit: Envisioning the Future of your Company While Building It

As entrepreneurs grow their businesses, it is critical to consider the future of the company. When the time comes, how will they separate from the business?  What are the ultimate goals included in an exit strategy?  Does the organization have a succession plan to prepare for change as the business transitions?  Answering these questions is key to achieving positive outcomes for both founders and investors. Planning an exit strategy early in the development of the company can help maximize the return on investment and sweat equity.

In this session, the panel will discuss how to incorporate an exit into the company’s overall business strategy and the value that a well thought out exit strategy can bring to both founders and capital allocators.

3:10pm: Break

3:20pm: Closing Fireside Chat

3:50pm: Closing Remarks

4:00pm: Closing Reception

5:00pm: End 

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