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Published on PRWeb on May 20th, 2021 via Brand New World Studios

Brand New World Studios is happy to announce a new partnership with the Women’s Business Collaborative (WBC). The exciting new collaboration promises to have all sexes promote their company’s purpose in the service of a more caring and inclusive economy. Together, BNWS and WBC are set to premier the preview of “Why is Mona Lisa Smiling?: The Reimagination of the Corporation” on September 22nd, 2021 at the WBC Summit.

Brand New World Studios (BNWS) is proud to support the Women Business Collaborative (WBC) – a powerful alliance and movement whose purpose is ensuring equal position, pay and power for all business women. Brand New World Studios was created to positively impact the business of life rather than just the life of business. If equity is the WBC’s message, then Brand New World Studios is a vital messenger, dedicated to helping businesses positively impact the world by telling meaningful stories that fulfill the needs in the world. BNWS and WBC recognize that purpose creates profit.

Brand New World Studios (BNWS) was founded by Brad Siegel, the former President of the Turner Entertainment Networks, Founder /Vice Chairman UPtv and CEO TV One, and Joey Reiman, Founder and Chairman of BrightHouse, Professor at Emory University, Author and the visionary creator of the corporate purpose movement. This dynamic team has built the first studio dedicated to purpose driven films and series. Brand New World Studios’ stated purpose is to tell meaningful stories that positively impact the lives of people all around the world. BNWS works with businesses who wish to expand their orbit of caring to all stakeholders. Together, BNWS and WBC celebrate the new measures of equal rights, gender equality and equity. Our exciting partnership promises to have both sexes promote their company’s purpose in service of a more caring and inclusive economy.

According to partner Joey Reiman, “Brand New World Studios is delighted and honored to endorse the Women Business Collaborative. A collaborative is a shared ownership in a specific outcome. The concept of purpose creates alignment, energy and movement and is the force that creates that outcome. The WBC and BNWS will now work together to make our desired outcome a reality that guarantees results. Partner Brad Siegel adds, “The transformative film “Why Is Mona Lisa Smiling?: The Reimagination of the Corporation” (Produced in Association with Fortune Media) features many of the world’s leading CEOs and thought leaders who illuminate the new and necessary conversations and changes needed for business to help save the world. “

This history making collaboration begins with the WBC premier of the film’s preview on September 22, 2021 at the WBC Summit. Edie Fraser added, “WBC is focused on total collaboration with its more than 49 women’s business organization partners, and companies and stakeholders on building the gender equity movement and driving change through WBC’s Nine Action Initiatives. The time is now to galvanize all toward accelerating change and collaboration.” (Read our blog post for a quick overview)

BNWS and WBC are proud to premier the preview of “Why Is Mona Lisa Smiling? The Reimagination of the Corporation ” at the WBC Summit “Empowering Through Gender and Diversity” September 22, 2021 and focus on our joint commitments to drive impact.

For more information about Brand New World Studios, visit http://www.brandnewworldstudios.com
For WBC: http://www.wbcollaborative.org


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