1600249972111 Amid This Pandemic

WBC Board Member Robert Reiss discusses the April WBC CEO Roundtable event in his latest Forbes article. Read an excerpt below.

Five CEOs convened April 22, 2020 to share their approaches to leading during crisis. One was Carly Fiorina who has led through deep recession, terrorist attacks, SARS and Ebola. Carly shared, "There's an old saying that tough times build character. I think that is wrong … tough times reveal character."

These CEOs were interviewed at Women Business Collaborative kickoff of the “WBC CEO Roundtable: Leading Forward” webinar for an audience of almost 200 executives and entrepreneurs. The CEOs —representing fashion, insurance, U.S. prison system, technology and crisis management public relations – discussed how they are adapting their businesses for the future and working around the clock to ensure that their employees are safe. They also shared, the stylistic benefits of women leadership, especially important during these challenging times.

Read the full Forbes article here. 

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