1600249021275 How we turn 1918

WBC Board Member Robert Reiss discusses the June WBC CEO Roundtable event in his latest Forbes article. Read an excerpt below.

I just read an inspiring article, “Are you willing to give up your privilege?” by Darren Walker, President of Ford Foundation, where he said something that completely resonated with me, “This feels like 1918, 1932, and 1968 all at once.” So true!

My belief is that these unprecedented times make it impossible to go backwards; we must propel forward … and if we do it right we can emerge with people individually and collectively being free and fulfilled; eradication of systemic racism once and for all; an equitable society; a thriving economy; enlightened corporate citizenship through conscious capitalism, and healthy citizens post-pandemic (of course, we can achieve the first items, however, the last will require a vaccine). All we have to do is change everything simultaneously by creating a new model. It’s that easy; and it’s that hard.

To prime the pump in thinking through the future model, on June 18, 2020 my co-host Becky Shambaugh and I interviewed five CEOs from: Rite Aid, United Way, JetBlue, Shipt, and kathy ireland Worldwide at the Women Business Collaborative CEO Roundtable…

Read the full article on Forbes here.

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