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NEW YORKMarch 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Women Business Collaborative (WBC), the nation’s leading nonprofit alliance of over 65 partner organizations working to advance equal position, pay and power for all women, rings the NYSE closing bell to celebrate collective impact on gender equity and diversity for women in business.

To mark progress towards a more inclusive, equitable future for women in business, members of the WBC board, representatives from WBC’s partner organizations as well as champions from WBC Advisory and Leader Councils will ring the closing bell and mark their commitment to equal position, pay and power for all business women.

“We are very proud to ring the historic bell together on this important day marking the beginning of Women’s History Month,” said Edie Fraser, WBC CEO. “We thank all those engaged in the WBC movement and our collaborative, crucial work to support parity for women and women of color, sharing data and results to impact the economic power of women in business. WBC recognizes NYSE leadership: CEO, Lynn Martin and Board Chair, Sharon Bowen, leading the NYSE.”

“As we usher in Women’s History Month, it is only fitting that the NYSE welcomes Women Business Collaborative to ring the Closing Bell,” said Lynn Martin, President, NYSE Group. “We’re honored to celebrate an organization committed to building an equitable future for women in business.”

Last fall, WBC released its Women CEOs in America Report, which states that in 2021 only 8.2%, or 41, of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, an improvement over prior years but far from parity. WBC’s 2022 report, in collaboration with Ascend, C200 and Catalyst, will be released at the Annual WBC Summit in September 2022, followed by the 2022 Women Corporate Tech Executives Report highlighting the critical role technology executives play in business leadership coming out October 2022.

To achieve its goal of propelling women forward, WBC collaborates with its organizational partners to attain immediate and long-term results around Nine Action Initiatives. These include: more women CEOs, in the C-Suite and on boards; gender and pay parity; increased capital for women entrepreneurs; more women controllers of capital allocation; parity for women in underrepresented business sectors such as technology; and effective development of pipeline promotions.

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