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WBC's Most Influential Women in Business Poll

Happy Women’s History Month! Throughout history, women have cracked glass ceilings and climbed over legal, societal, and financial barriers to shape the ever-evolving American business landscape. Even during our nation’s infancy — when women were denied the right to own land, sign contracts, run for office, or vote – there were pioneering women who distinguished themselves as trailblazers – elevating themselves and, in turn, our Nation’s economy. 

In the spirit of the Founding Fathers of our Nation, Women Business Collaborative is proud to highlight some of our Nation’s prominent women in the history of business – those who stepped up when they were told to sit down. 

We invite you to read their stories and, in honor of WBC’s 5th Anniversary year and Women’s History Month, help us select the 5 Most Influential Women in Business from this list.

Help us honor these incredible women in business

Join us in celebrating the pioneers, the innovators, and the leaders among women who continue to shape industries and inspire generations today. Your voice matters!

Cast your vote below by March 31, 2024.

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