Women In The Pipeline

Helping Women Get The Mentorship, Sponsorship And Networks To Grow And Thrive



Developing mentors, sponsors and networks are a crucial strategy for women at all career stages. But sadly, women are less likely to receive the mentorship and sponsorship necessary to propel them to leader and executive positions.

The data speaks for itself. Women are less likely to be hired and promoted to manager roles — men hold 62 percent of manager-level positions and women hold 38 percent (McKinsey State of Women 2019). Far more men than women are benefiting from networking, mentoring and sponsorship than women: 54 percent of men had a career discussion with their mentor or sponsor in the past 24 months vs. 39 percent of women (Working Mother Media 2019 Study: The Gender Gap at the Top).

Additionally, only 28 percent of women vs. 53 percent of men participated in a leadership development program in the past 24 months (Working Mother Media 2019 Study: The Gender Gap at the Top).

Ample opportunities for women to learn and grow in corporate America will propel all women forward. WBC believes that to achieve equal position, pay and power we need:

  • To ensure that high potential women in their mid-careers are tapped for operating roles at the same rate as their male counterparts with access to leadership training and development for management by 2025
  • 25% of women at all levels of leadership are women of color by 2030
  • The same number of women as men receiving mentors and sponsors by 2025
  • The same number of women as men participating in leadership development programs by 2025

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