laine Laine Gandy

Laine Gandy

Laine Gandy is a Director at The Adecco Group US Foundation, responsible  for leading programs focused on workplace equality and gender parity. Over  the past three years, she has developed and led the Foundation’s engAGe  women’s leadership development program that has gained notoriety across  the staffing industry as best in class. She also works with workplace equality  partners including Paradigm for Parity, Moms First, Path Forward, and the  WBC to increase awareness and champion best practices that companies can  use to forge a brighter and more equitable future of work. Laine was honored  with being named one of Paradigm for Parity’s 2023 Women on the Rise.  Laine has worked for The Adecco Group for 9 years holding roles in project  management, optimization, customer relationship management and account  management. She loves helping people find meaning and passion in their  work, and offering resources and opportunities that will empower them to build  fulfilling careers.