Mazana HeadShot 2

Mazana Bruggeman

Mazana Bruggeman brings 20 years of creative problem solving experience to the team. As a designer and artist she has contributed to and led projects from brand development and integrated marketing campaigns to creating environments (digital and IRL). She’s spent her career working with nonprofits to communicate complex ideas, where the product is the intangible feeling of having done good. With her most recent employer, her creative team drove marketing and fundraising operations for a $472 million global organization, working to empower people to survive through crises and build better lives in over 40 countries. Mazana’s super power is keeping an eye on the big picture while putting together high functioning teams and working hands on with that team to sort out the details. Current projects include: co-founding of a personal data storage, search and analysis platform; freelance design for several clients including WBC; painting.

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