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Michele Adams

Michele Adams is the president and CEO of Levy Recognition. For more than 40 years, she has been providing her clients with employee engagement and recognition solutions. She works with companies to reshape their workplace cultures and implement engaging programming that creates productive, healthy work environments.

As a certified woman-owned company, Levy Recognition was born from Michele’s dream to teach workplaces about the effects of a positive workplace culture. As company owner, Michele is dedicated to creating a conscious business where employees are engaged, and everyone feels like a productive member of the team. It is her passion to create meaningful purpose and foster a workplace environment where her employees feel valued, enjoy open collaboration, and communicate freely. She believes that all companies have the power to make an impact when they, too, focus on a higher purpose. It is for that reason Michele makes it her mission to aid other companies in creating their own engaged workforce.

Michele has worked to continuously improve and expand Levy’s operations, streamlining the production facility and warehouse, upgrading manufacturing equipment and business technology, and has expanded Levy’s market to serve large corporations. During the pandemic, Michele invested in new ERP technology, heading Levy’s digital transformation. Today, Michele leads with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and purposeful growth.  

Michele is a passionate business leader and mentor for women. She was a recipient of the 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Champions Award from Enterprising Women Magazine—a prestigious award among top female business owners.

Michele lives in Tampa, FL and is a proud member of the National Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC), The Incentive Professionals, and is a board Vice Chair of the American Breast Cancer Foundation and Chair of WBENC Forum Engagement team.

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