Data Summaries

Why does Diversity & Inclusion Matter?

Diversity and inclusion matter because it has downstream impacts that are beneficial to businesses. The consumers that make up the market have become more diverse, meaning that companies must parallel the image of the consumer basis.

  • “Companies with higher levels of gender diversity, and policies and practices focused on it, are linked to lower levels of absenteeism and employee turnover; higher levels of job satisfaction, engagement, and retention; enhanced corporate reputation; and increased creativity and innovation,” 28
  • “Women outscored men on 17 of the 19 capabilities that differentiate excellent leaders from average or poor ones, based on an analysis of thousands of 360-degree reviews. Women scored especially high in areas such as “takes initiative,” “resilience,” and “practices self-development.”29
  • “86% of women reported becoming encouraged to achieve more professionally when they saw other women in leadership.”

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