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  • There are 41 women CEOs in the Fortune 500, as of September 2021.
  • Women are 8.2% of Fortune 500
  • The number of women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies increased by 10.8% since last year
  • There are 5 women of color in the Fortune 500 up from 3 in 2020

A decade ago in a Forbes article I wrote that we needed to have 50 Fortune 500 women CEOs. What’s so important is it’s obviously doing the right thing but it’s also an economic issue; how can we expect financial success when we are excluding top talent from leading enterprises! For several years we hovered in the mid-20s … then in 2019 WBC galvanized the movement creating a collaborative of the most important women’s organizations. Now today, we are at 41 and I believe within a year we will achieve 50! That said, 50 is still only 10%, but it is starting to build the critical mass that will ultimately lead us to elevate business, the economy and society.”

– Robert Reiss | Founder and CEO

There were 13 new female CEOs.

#16 Walgreens Boots Alliance, Roz Brewer (March 2021)
#79 TIAA, Thasunda Brown Duckett (May 2021)
#452 Taylor Morrison Home, Sheryl D. Palmer (November 2012)
#718 Advantage Solutions, Tanya Domier (January 2013)
#724 Abercrombie & Fitch, Fran Horowitz (February 2017)
#914 Ohio National Mutual, Barbara A. Turner (January 2021)
#928 Renewable Energy Group, Cynthia Warner (January 2019)

#935 Caleres, Diane M. Sullivan (2014)
#945 Aerojet Rockedyne Holdings, Eileen Drake (2015)
#955 Trinity Industries, Jean Savage (February 2020)
#984 Revlon, Debra Perelman (January 2018)
#998 Sleep Number, Shelly Ibach (June 2012)
#999 Spire, Suzanne Sitherwood (October 2017)

Fortune 500 Women CEOs

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