Bridget E. Engle

Bank of New York Mellon

Chief Technology Officer
Bank of New York Mellon

Bridget E. Engle is the Chief Operations and Technology Officer for BNY Mellon and is a member of the company’s Executive Committee. Bridget leads Global Operations and Technology, which provides scalable and resilient solutions across the Firm’s Businesses, Technology and Operations by driving scale, agility, and client-centric teams. Global Operations and Technology leverages technology platforms and applications that support BNY Mellon’s role as the leading provider of solutions to the financial markets while ensuring seamless delivery through best-in-class operational delivery. Before joining BNY Mellon, Bridget was the Global Commercial Banking & Markets Technology executive for Bank of America, where she led a global team providing end-to-end technology solutions and support for its Global Banking and Global Markets businesses. Prior to that role, Bridget was Bank of America’s Consumer Banking Technology & Operations chief information officer, where she led a team that transformed the online and mobile banking platforms to serve the needs of more than 48 million consumer and small business relationships. Bridget also served as CTO and CIO at Lehman Brothers.

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