Megan Barney

Envision Healthcare Corporation

Envision Healthcare Corporation

Megan Barney serves as Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Envision Healthcare, overseeing the medical group’s enterprise technology strategy. She is a tenured executive with more than 20 years of combined experience in healthcare and information technology and is dedicated to developing technology solutions that enhance healthcare operations. Prior to joining Envision in July 2021, Megan served as CIO for the Northeast/Midwest region of OptumCare where she was responsible for the technology strategy and delivery across the region. She also worked with leaders of the local care delivery organizations to develop synergies among the region’s IT operations, improve security and reduce system fragmentation. Previously, Megan served as Vice President of Technology Operations at DaVita Medical Group, where she led the carve-out of the technology organization from DaVita in preparation for the company’s acquisition by Optum. She also served as CIO of DaVita Medical Group during the 18-month transaction. Megan earned her bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Georgia and her master’s degree in global affairs from the University of Denver.

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