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Anne Chambers

Anne Chambers is founder and CEO of 17 Ways, an Enterprise Gateway Marketplace and a network orchestrator bringing purpose driven-small and medium sized companies and multinationals together as a force for good.

17 Ways is leading the charge by building the largest database of companies that are both certified and committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, from B Corps to Fair Trade to Woman, Veteran, Minority and LGBTQ Owned businesses.

The platform includes both buyers and sellers and makes it possible for each to become more impactful as they amplify their voice within the 17 Ways community.

Our platform empowers those who make business purchases to Purchase with Purpose. The rigor of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is 17 Ways strategic north star, ensuring that every purchase is linked to one of the 17 goals, including no
poverty, zero hunger, gender equality and climate action.

And that’s exactly what our companies on 17 Ways do- they have the power to change the world one purchase at a time.

Anne spent ten years at P&G and then acquired P&G’s in house creative and production division. That acquisition led to the creation of Red212, and ad agency Anne led for nearly twenty years prior to creating 17 Ways.

An is a actively engaged as a member of Gridiron Capital’s Board of Business Executives, and is a member of C200 and Social Venture Circle.

Ms. Chambers lives in Cincinnati with her artist husband, Cliff Schwandner.