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Donna Barbisch

Donna Barbisch is a dynamic role model, leader, and agent for change. She is accomplished in strategic planning and guides and directs senior management and boards to develop, refine, and implement objectives to realize their vision. A prescient analyst, she navigates the complex and ambiguous environments of “wicked problems” to maintain a competitive edge, meeting tomorrow’s challenges today. Her seminal work in defining and integrating medical support for pandemics and complex combat operations emerged from her in-depth understanding of government and private sector business operations, industry regulations, authorities, and responsibilities. She has the unique capability to quantify emerging threats and build a path forward for outcomes-oriented results.

As Chief Executive Officer for the American College of National Security Leaders (ACNSL), Donna moved the organization from its concept and ideation stage to an effective operational platform. She led the organization through all aspects of due diligence and compliance for a 501c3. She refined the vision, increased transparency, and established credibility for the organization. ACNSL is emerging as the premier national security member organization that includes all aspects of career senior level national security professionals.

Donna is a retired Army Major General with a distinguished track record as a national security policy analyst, a leader in emergency preparedness and countering/mitigating the impact of public health (biological as in COVID-19), chemical, radiological, nuclear (CBRN), and cyber crisis. As Deputy Commander and Chief Nurse of the 3rd Medical Command, she effectively aligned the organization’s downtrace (over 4,000 personnel) to support Army combat missions in the Middle East. In earlier civilian work, she was a university professor and managed clinical operations in the Department of Anesthesia.

Donna’s dedication to service continued throughout her career. She is currently an elected official as Commissioner in the Washington DC Advisory Neighborhood Commission, 2A04. She is a member of the Flag Officer Advisory Council for the Office of the President, Arizona
State University. Her previous board appointments include Vice Chair of the Army Distaff Foundation; Chair, Capitol Hill Village; and Senior Policy Advisor, California Department of Emergency Services/Department of Health. She was certified in Board Governance by the National Association of Corporate Directors. Donna holds a Doctorate in Health Administration and Master of Public Health.