Ferrari Jackie AC Pic

Jackie (Wilson) Ferrari

Following an exciting career as a retail buyer in Los Angeles, California and a production specialist with a domestic importer in New York City, Jackie (Wilson) Ferrari started American Fashion Network in 2005; serving her retail partners with trend-right apparel from manufacturers around the globe.

If it was trending, AFN was bringing it to market. In 2012, the company pivoted to focus not only on fashion, but also on speed. Taking an average manufacturing turn time of 24 weeks, American Fashion Network revolutionized the production process bringing it to 8 weeks by taking advantage of the trade agreement between the United States and Central America; moving product from Asia to the Western Hemisphere. Since 2012, Wilson and her team continue to turn product faster than any manufacturer in the Market.

In 2020, managing the trauma of $7 million in order cancellations, the company pivoted once again to make CDC compliant cloth masks. This led to the acquisition of Ferrari’s Woman-Owned business certifications and a new revenue path with the federal government and corporate America. Currently, in addition to serving America’s top retail brands with speed and fashion, Ferrari and her team serve large corporations like Comcast, Charter and Sysco Foods with corporate apparel, uniforms and corporate gifting and swag. In March, the team was awarded a large bid from the United States Marine Corp to make physical training uniforms and they are honored to serve the men and women who serve us.