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Jean Pelletier

Jean Pelletier has built a dynamic career in Human Resources over the last 20 years. She is currently an Executive at Schneider Electric and is leading the digital talent transformation for the Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Functions. Jean believes that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication and that all design must be easily comprehensible and intelligible to the user. At Schneider, Jean is taking this thought leadership and helping to reimagine Human Resources. During her career, Jean served in several senior leadership roles both inside and outside of HR. A common thread across all assignments is Jean’s passion for developing those around her, creating opportunities for individuals to grow in their careers and creating environments in support of bringing one’s whole self to work. She is an advocate for Diversity, Equality and Inclusive (DEI) which she brings to her design work. Jean earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a master’s degrees in Instructional Technology which fuel her passion for customer centricity and technical advancement. She is an avid reader and an advocate for fitness, both mind and body. Jean is a native Rhode Islander and lives in Wakefield, RI with her husband and two teenage children.