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Jessica Stromback

Jessica joined Joule in 2015 as Director of Joule Europe. In February 2021, she was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Joule Assets. As CEO, Jessica has focused on Joule’s ability to scale deployment of renewable energy in effort to have greater impact in the fight against climate change. To this end, she has contracted for community solar capacity and renewable energy supply on behalf of municipal clients with community choice aggregation (CCA) programs. Jessica has overseen the closure of multiple solar contracts as well as the expansion of municipal outreach and other services for municipal clients and their residents.

Jessica seeks to further the firm’s focus on strengthening communities through CCA and the access to new investment it provides, engaging with local stakeholders, supporting local job placement programs, and initiating sustainability upgrades in-line with municipal agendas. Jessica also manages Joule’s investor relations and public relations and, as part of this effort,
oversees the Company’s role in launching a CCA administrator industry group and has expanded Joule’s cooperation with like-minded firms and NGOs across NY State.

In Europe, Jessica oversees Joule’s work that helps energy efficiency and renewables project managers access financing. Joule has helped European projects access more than €200 million euros.

Jessica also founded SmartEn with the vision to promote the active participation of flexible demand side resources in European electricity markets to ensure consumer benefits, increase security of supply, and reduce carbon emissions. The 50+ SmartEn members represent more than 150 million consumers.

Prior to joining Joule, Jessica served as Chairman of VaasaETT ltd., a project manager for multiple European grants and consultancy projects. In addition, she has led or contributed to consultancy and research projects for, among others, energy service companies, electric utilities, and tech service companies.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Vaasa Finland.