Keisha A. Rivers

Keisha A. Rivers is a beacon of resilience, leadership, and transformation. Her journey, catalyzed by the challenges of Hurricane Katrina, has led her to become an accomplished international speaker, change agent, and learning leader. As the President of The KARS Group LTD, Keisha leverages nearly 25 years of experience in strategic consulting and organizational development. Her mission? Empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to conquer the ever-shifting landscapes of change.

Keisha isn’t just a leader; she’s a prolific author and the magnetic voice behind the “Equipped 4 Change™” podcast, where she dives headfirst into the profound realms of transformation and leadership. Her latest literary masterpiece, “Equipped for Change™: Doing the Deep Work of Transformation,” serves as a guiding light in the darkest corners of change.  For more, contact Keisha at