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Patricia Asp

Patricia Asp, Founder and Principal of ASPire is committed to the continuity of Purpose & Culture by integrating two proven methodologies for measurement and monitoring. Pat is an accomplished CSuite Executive and Board Member who leverages her experience, leadership and relevancy thereby positioning her as an expert in organizational and digital transformational, innovation, and scaling multi-location distributed model businesses for strategic and financial performance improvement and preserving the goodness of companies.

She gained unparalleled insights and perspective by serving at the Executive Level of ServiceMaster, a Fortune 500 publicly traded Company that was named one of the most respected companies in the world by Financial Times; as president of an SBU, and leader of Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Six Sigma that created $60 million is savings, with emphasis on performance for all stakeholders, culture and values business model integration, distributed model processes and leadership principles.

Her experience also includes serving both as President and then CEO and Board Member for two private equity turnarounds. During this time, she discovered that during times of leadership succession, rapid growth and mergers & acquisitions, deep rooted, high performance cultures became vulnerable and proven performance cultures were not sustained.