Rachel Mushahwar

All companies are at the dawn of a transformation equivalent in scale to the advent of modern electricity. We are moving into the 4th industrial revolution where compute, communications, and the cloud continue to set new expectations that are forcing industries and governments to radically change to keep pace with their customers demands. You can’t ignore or underestimate the wide-ranging impact technology and data will continue to have on business and lifestyles – it has spurred a new set of businesses that didn’t exist 5-10 years ago. The extraordinary is now the ordinary – connectivity anywhere, anytime, and on any device has changed everything from smart cities, autonomous everything, connected trucking, smart factories and everything in between.

My focus is on enabling companies to realize the value of innovative offerings and delivering end-to-end solutions to the industry that solve real-world business problems. My passion is helping customers optimize their businesses to deliver more value to their shareholders.

With over 25 years of global executive leadership positions, I have gained valuable actionable insights about how businesses can continue to deliver top line growth, navigate transformations, and continue to innovate. I was honored to be featured in Forbes magazine in 2020, named as “One of the Most Admired Women in Business” April 2019, “One of the Top Ten Women in Technology” January 2017 and Women’s Wear Daily listed me as one of the “Top Industry Transformers” December 2016. I am an active supporter of adopting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and focused on more diversity and inclusion in every industry to ensure the next generation is well equipped for the digital world they will inherit to help pave the way for continued innovation in the industry.