Lavielle Thayer AC Pic

Thayer Lavielle

Thayer Lavielle is the Executive Vice President at The Collective, the women’s division of Wasserman. Prior to leading The Collective, Thayer led Talent Marketing and Operations across the company’s Team Sports, Broadcast, Coaching and Women’s divisions and held the role of EVP, Corporate Growth and Development. A brand strategist at heart, she is responsible for creating and launching the processes for analyzing and evaluating talent’s marketability and harnessing the internal eco-system to move from strategy to execution. Throughout her career, Thayer has negotiated over $250 million worth of talent, brand, property, and venue deals in sports and entertainment. She understands the ever-changing needs of a consumer and how a brand must answer that call.  Dedicated to furthering the success of women around her, Thayer uses different techniques in her coaching and mentoring practices that pull the best out of her clients.