Company: Cummins

We are Cummins. We create the power solutions people depend on. It’s what we’ve done for more than 100 years. That history makes us proud, but the future pulls us forward.

  • Our Mission: Making people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world
  • Our Vision: Innovating for our customers to power their success
  • Our Values: Integrity, Diversity and inclusion, Caring, Excellence, and Teamwork

Diversity, equity and inclusion power innovation and success among our employees, help us gain competitive advantage, and guide our actions and contributions to communities around the world. Our company, teams and society thrive when everyone is included and respected, and we are unwavering in our commitment to create stronger environments where everyone belongs. As of 2023, Women comprise 42% of our Board of Directors and 50% of our C-Suite. Cummins also leads multiple programs that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, including Cummins Powers Women, Cummins Advocating for Racial Equity, the Global Disability Inclusion Strategy, LGBTQ+ Safe Leader Training, and the Veterans’ Strategy.

Diversity is also essential to Cummins’ overall growth, and we strive to do business with suppliers that are as diverse as our product offerings and customers. Suppliers reap the benefits when they also seek to do business with companies classified as diverse.​

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