Company: Unicorn

UNICORN is on a mission to revolutionize workplace equity by redefining essential needs. Our commitment is to make period products as ubiquitous and accessible as toilet paper, positioning them in EVERY bathroom stall. There is a direct correlation between employee health and wellness and how that impacts performance and engagement in the workplace. 

They have partnered with impact-driven giants like JPMorgan Chase, American Express, Blackstone, MassMutual, and many more, aligning their mission with organizations commitment to equity, inclusion, workplace wellness. This isn’t just about ESG reporting or ticking boxes—it’s about setting a transformative precedent that will redefine corporate responsibility and gender equality. 

Our corporate social responsibility extends beyond business objectives. UNICORN was born in 2018 from the visionary minds of Thyme Sullivan and Denielle Finkelstein, two seasoned executives who dared to redefine societal norms. Inspired by their teen daughters and driven by a passion to empower women, they left successful careers in CPG and Fashion to pioneer a movement for gender equality. UNICORN stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to advancing women in society, one stall at a time.

UNICORN has partnered with over 100 non-profits, community-serving organizations, schools, and universities to bring awareness around equity and access to period products in underserved communities. They have donated over 3 million tampons and pads to support women and girls across the US so that they don’t miss out on work or school.

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of UNICORN’s values. Women comprise 100% of our Board of Directors and Senior Management, demonstrating our dedication to gender diversity and leadership.

Unicorns are a symbol of empowerment, equity and positive change, we are not a brand, we are a movement.

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