Rethink 2024

Felicity Hassan

Felicity started her career in London and has lived and worked in New York since 2008. Her personal and family experience has built a deep appreciation for the importance of representative leadership and a commitment to finding great talent between the lines. After building her search roots on the agency side, Felicity spent some time in-house with Bloomberg and then Audible, helping them build a global inclusive recruiting platform. In her most recent role Felicity served as President for a diversity centric search firm launching their US business… a catalyst in the dream to create TheFind! In addition to her corporate role, Felicity is a published author, serves on the Board of WBC, and is a member of Luminary NYC. She lives with her husband and two children in Westchester, NY. She loves staying active, watching her kids sports leagues, and can be found most mornings getting up to speed with the latest Ossining news at First Village Coffee.

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