Laila Iddin-Howard 

Laila’s career journey began with her service to STEM students, where she ran programs for youth in underrepresented areas at Columbia University. This experience allowed her to develop strong skills in program development and execution. Seeking new challenges, Laila transitioned to the IT industry as a student at NPower, earning her certification before returning to project management roles. 

Her dedication to helping individuals upskill and empowering communities led her to work with startup technical institutions focused on financial literacy and technical training. Here, Laila played a pivotal role in contributing to significant advancements and positive impacts. 

With over 5 years of experience in project management and operations, Laila has demonstrated a keen ability to manage operations efficiently, ensuring smooth workflow and optimal outcomes for the companies she has worked with. Her strategic mindset and commitment to excellence have earned her a reputation for delivering results and driving positive change. 

Outside of her professional endeavors, Laila is deeply committed to volunteerism and enjoys exploring new cultures through travel. Her diverse experiences and unwavering passion for making a difference continue to fuel her drive for success and impact in everything she does. Recently, she returned to NPower to serve as an alumni engagement manager, recognizing the importance of building an alumni community and contributing to the organization’s ongoing success.

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