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Barbara Bruno

Barb is recognized internationally as one of the top experts in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession. She was selected by LinkedIn Learning to create 14 Recruiting Courses, which have had over 2 million participants worldwide and has developed audio courses for Listenable. She has developed web-based Tutor training programs that have increased sales and profits for her clients. Barb also developed a private labeled Career Portal – Happy Candidate. This resource helps candidates you will not hire or place, and greatly improves the candidates’ experience. Later this year she will launch new Tutors including Add Flexible Staffing, Add Direct Hire, and the Talent Acquisition Tutor. Barb has also held many leadership roles including Chairman of the Board of NAPS, received Employment honors from both Illinois – The Lincoln Award and Indiana – The Ancil T. Brown Award. She was inducted into the NAPS Hall of Fame and was recognized as a Women of Merit for her many philanthropic endeavors. Barb also helped develop the Certification Program which provides best practices for IT and Engineering Recruiters and Account Executives, for Tech Serve Alliance. On September 29, Kogan Page Publishing of London, released her book “High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting” which is being sold on Amazon, Target and Barnes and Noble.