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Liz Musch

Liz is the epitome of a multicultural global citizen & business leader of the world, having lived on 3 continents and worked extensively across 6. With Dutch-Indonesian origins, she immigrated to the US as a child, for both her formative years and the outset of her career. Liz then moved to France where Paris has been her home for more than 30 years. She has both American and French citizenship and now splits her time between Paris and southern California.

Liz has had a successful career with multicountry, regional and global responsibilities of professional and marketing services organizations, initially in advertising, and then branding, innovation, research and data analytics. She had CEO roles most recently at Kantar/WPP and Ipsos. She has advised top companies on optimizing growth and stakeholder value across markets, channels, geographies and business conditions. She has a taste for transformation, people and technology, and she has participated in multiple successful M&A transactions & integrations.

Liz now has an active portfolio career on both sides of the pond: corporate board work, and continued and intensive support of an environmental non-profit and animal welfare organization. And she serves as a strategic advisor to some international businesses. Her proudest achievement is her son, Max, who is a young architect in Paris.